Protect Equipment and Avoid Utility Penalties

What are harmonics?

Harmonics are a form of electrical pollution that can lead to fines and other penalties from utility companies. Not only do utility companies dislike them, but they can damage other equipment at your facility or neighboring buildings. They can be generated from many types of equipment, from VFDs to lights.  Utilities often ask facilities to comply with the guidelines in a standard called IEEE 519. In order to do so, you need to evaluate and correct the harmonics at your facility. 

Harmonic evaluation

Harmonics can come from a variety of sources, but they can be measured. Our field service team will evaluate your system and take readings in order to determine the level of harmonic distortion at your facility and where it might be coming from.

Mitigation for each device

When building new systems or looking at retrofits, we like to look at components that will mitigate harmonics. These may be reactors, capacitors, filters, or specialized VFD front ends. We take each situation into consideration to balance harmonic mitigation with the cost and commitment to implement it.

Whole system correction

In many cases, we’re able to correct harmonics across multiple devices with one centralized solution. Using active harmonic filters or other technologies, we can often make a more efficient system to bring down the harmonics of the whole facility.

Mitigate harmonics and save yourself headaches later

Harmonics are part of any electrical system, but they don’t have to be a hassle. Get in touch with one of our experts to talk through how we can save your equipment with harmonic mitigation.