Expert VFD service you can rely on

Equipment start-up and commissioning

Installation and initial start-up errors are significant contributors to long-term inefficiencies and potential downtime.

Get started right with the help of out expert technicians, who will come on site to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency.

Troubleshooting and repair

Whether it is a problem with the motor, the drive or the load, finding the root cause of equipment errors is the key to proper troubleshooting and repair. We can help if you are experiencing unexpected fault codes, equipment tripping or just not quite able to get your system running the way you want.

Our expert VFD and motor system technicians rarely encounter a problem they can’t identify and solve.

VFD and PLC programming

Proper tuning and minor adjustments can make a major different in electrical systems. from how much it costs to operate to its impact on the driven load.

Come to us for help with drive and controller parameters. We can help with acceleration rates, current limits, motor tuning, communication protocols and much more.

Hear it firsthand

We were in a really poor position where we had a drive fail, and we really needed the pump to run for fire protection. EMC was able to bring us back online within the same day after a phone call! Exceptional customer service and response time.


Water and wastewater

Equipment upgrades

Revitalize aging systems that no longer meet the needs of your operation, without breaking the bank.

We’ll help define the requirements and capabilities of your system and take advantage of the best new compatible equipment. We’ll also help install and commission new equipment to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

We service every brand of VFD

TECO Westinghouse
Mitsubishi Electric
ASI Robicon

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Let's get you wired up

Give us a call if you want the best electrical system possible for your operation. Our expert technicians offer the personal touch necessary to find the best solutions for every system we work on