Get Facility Support With TEAM Energy System Audit

Facilities today face a wide range of problems in their systems, including rising electrical costs, lack of safety standard compliance, and downtime from aging infrastructure.

The TEAM Energy System Audit helps facilities address these issues and form a plan backed by real data from expert engineers.


The TEAM Energy System Audit Process

Discovery Consultation

  • No commitment, no cost
  • Discuss your facility, your concerns, and your needs
  • Evaluate your energy strategy, including safety, reliability, efficiency, and critical planning for your system lifecycle

Facility Audit

  • Evaluate your electrical system and components
  • Conduct on-site data collection from our experts
  • Further understand your site processes

Research and Report Development

  • Expert engineers evaluate collected data and findings
  • Identify energy efficiency and electrical savings opportunities
  • Find safety and compliance concerns through the process
  • Highlight components in need of service or critical spare plans

Present Findings

  • Present the report findings and answer questions
  • Provide potential fixes, improvements, and updates
  • You keep the report and findings no matter what happens

Our guarantee

You’ll receive actionable items that make your system more safe, reliable, and energy efficient. If not, you only pay what you think is fair for what you received.