Keep your facility safe and compliant

Arc Flash

An arc flash is a short circuit where current travels through air. Arc flash events are a part of over 80% of electrical injuries. They can be caused by equipment issues, mistakes, contamination, or other issues. 

OSHA requires that employers address arc flash hazards and create an effective worker safety program. Addressing arc flash risks and mitigation is an important part of preventing both injuries and downtime.

Arc flash study

Analyze your electrical system for potential arc flash hazards and to stay in compliance with OSHA guidelines. We offer field surveys, analysis, diagrams, and stickering to keep your employees and facilities safe.

Engineering evaluation

Review your current electrical drawings, safety plan, any existing short circuit analysis, and conduct field evaluations. These steps help us gather information on the components of your system.

Calculations and modeling

Using the data we collected during the study, we calculate incident energy and identify risks. We create drawings and model your system and analyze necessary PPE and distance requirements. 

Labeling and stickers

Using the information from the calculations, labels and stickers are created that can be applied on site. These help to notify your employees of hazards and the appropriate way to protect themselves.

Protect your employees, customers, and equipment

Arc flash events are an experience that no one wants to go through. Analyze the hazards and protect against them by reaching out to one of our experts today.