EMC Services

Since 1917, and throughout the western U.S. and with EASA accreditations, EMC has been a local, dependable motor shop for you and your motors.

Our Shops can handle whatever motor you have, whether AC, DC, servo, or even pump and machine work.

Our generator service is your defense against downtime. Our technicians have experience with all brands of generators.

We have partnered with Generac as an industrial dealer and service center to offer parts, service, and a whole team of supporting engineers to keep your generator ready to back you up.

Our technicians have worked on almost every brand of VFD and panel, including standalone units, panels, MCCs, and soft starters.

Whether low or medium voltage, our technicians know how to keep your motor controls running longer and fix any problem that may come up.

Our Total Electrical Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) services ensure that your facility is safe, reliable, and efficient.

We can evaluate and address it all, from arc flash to power factor correction and harmonics to dV/dt. We even train so that you can become familiar with your electrical system’s issues.