Engineering Services for Any Facility

Arc flash analysis

Analyze your electrical system for potential arc flash hazards and to stay in compliance with OSHA guidelines. We offer field surveys, analysis, diagrams, and stickering to keep your employees and facilities safe. 

Harmonic evaluation and mitigation

Your electrical devices cause harmonic distortion that can cause damage and cost money. Avoid equipment malfunctions and electrical utility issues by evaluating and solving your harmonic issues.

Power factor correction

Get the most out of the electricity that you pay for. A low power factor means you’re paying for electricity that’s not doing work at your facility and can even lead to penalties from the utility company. Identify what your power factor is and work to improve it.

Thermography and infrared studies

Loose connections and other part failures can cause problems in your system. These issues often give off heat, which means that trained personnel can find and document issues before they cause further damage to your system and pose a bigger safety risk.

Power quality and surge suppression

Electrical surges or other power quality issues cause problems at all types of facilities. You can work to prevent future problems whether they have hit your site or not. Surge protection and other services help to reduce downtime. 

Make your facility safer and more efficient

It’s tough to evaluate every aspect of your facility to stay as safe and efficient as possible. Whatever the on-site or remote engineering project is, we’re ready to look at your electrical systems to help you improve your processes.