Webinar: An Active Approach to Harmonic Correction

Harmonics is often an overlooked problem. It lowers the performance of your equipment and potentially causes problems to your neighbors downstream. But do you know how much it is hurting your facility? 

Join us with Craig Hartman, VP of Engineering of EMC, in our first power quality webinar. We will take a comprehensive look at the different types of harmonics, the negative effects they bring, things to pay attention while pairing with VFDs or generators, and different options of harmonic mitigation. 

Webinar Documents

  1. Galt Electric AHF & SVG Brochure

2. Galt Electric AHF Specifications (PDF)

3. Galt Electric AHF Specifications (Editable Word Document)

4. White Paper: Harmonic Mitigation Specifications for VFDs

5. TCI Reactor Filter Size Chart