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EMC Recognized for Energy Conservation

Rocky Mountain Power Recognizes EMC For Promoting Efficiency

With increased focus on environmental and energy conservation, Salt Lake City-based Energy Management Corporation was recently recognized by Rocky Mountain Power for their efforts in promoting energy efficient technologies. Energy Management Corporation (EMC) has operated in Salt Lake since 1979 and currently helps customers with VFDs, motors, generators, and related services.

Energy Management Corporation sells numerous energy efficient products. The product offering varies from NEMA premium efficient AC electric motors to energy-saving variable frequency drives (VFDs). Energy Management Corporation also offers engineering services to help correct on-site issues such as low power factor, harmonic distortion, and other electrical issues.

EMC also offers products that address electrical reliability and safety, including emergency standby generators, surge protection, and panel-buildups for VFDs and soft starters.

On Jan. 12, Energy Management Corporation received a certificate of outstanding performance through Rocky Mountain Power’s FinAnswer Express Program for premium efficiency motors, rating them as the highest performer among motor distributors.

Premium efficiency motors are specially designed to offer comparable horsepower as standard efficiency motors, but with higher efficiency and less environmental impact. They adhere to the NEMA premium efficiency charts and have minimum standards in order to qualify as a premium efficiency motor.

Rocky Mountain Power’s FinAnswer Express Program recognizes the importance of energy efficient motors and provides incentives to customers who purchase them. For information, visit rockymtnpower.net/utsave.

“Energy efficiency has always been important to us,” said Reid G. Oliver, sales manager at Energy Management Corporation. “We are happy to do our part in the community.”

Energy Management Corporation is happy to also maintain these motors for the long-term and help to maintain that efficiency through high-quality motor repair services with reporting and measurements. EMC also offers on-site services to maintain, troubleshoot, or evaluate and prolong the life of these premium efficiency motors.


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