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Surge Suppression Equipment Saves Money

There aren’t very many areas that see more population growth than Northern Utah. In fact, it is sometimes a struggle for the power company to keep up with the demand, especially in underdeveloped areas with older buildings.

One international retailer ran into this problem after relocating to an older building in West Jordan. Some employees had complained that the electronic cash registers were having problems and were not lasting long. The store had replaced a number of expensive registers before they deemed it a real problem.

After their electrical contractor made a careful examination, Energy Management Corporation’s power quality expert, Paul Rader, was called in to investigate.

Paul found that all of the electronic devices, including the registers, were supplied by an old distribution panel. It seemed that the constant on-and-off of the scanners, card-readers, and other electrical equipment was creating transients, or power surges and bursts, which pulsed through their system and damaged the equipment. Through analysis of the data collected, Paul found a problem with the neutral to ground in their old distribution panel.

Motor Drives International, the manufacturing division of Energy Management Corporation, built new panels with HS-120-10A transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) and installed them in place of the store’s old distribution panel. The panel fixed the neutral to ground problem and the TVSS equipment eliminated the transients.

With the 20 year warranty on the surge suppressor equipment and the support from Energy Management Corporation, the company doesn’t need to worry about the efficiency of their equipment. Energy Management Corporation focuses on creating solutions to problems for our customers, allowing them to focus on what is most important to them. Since the fix, the customer has been operating much more smoothly, and EMC is always close by to help again if needed.

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