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Success Stories: Pharmaceutical Industry

Custom Generator Projects

“We don’t provide part numbers, we provide solutions.” Energy Management Corporation has practiced this philosophy since 1979. The statement means that we do not simply choose the easiest and quickest solution to a problem, but we step back and look at the whole situation.

We take factors into account that other electric service companies may miss, and then we provide preventative maintenance services to assure that the equipment continues to work efficiently. In other words, we make the customer’s issue, our issue. That is what we did for one Springville, Utah, pharmaceutical company.

In 2005, the pharmaceutical company contacted Energy Management Corporation to purchase a Generac generator and have it installed at their facility. Bart Peterson, one of Energy Management Corporation’s top generator service technicians, surveyed the location that the generator was to be installed. He noted that it would be nearly impossible to set up an exhaust ventilation system because the area was too small and awkward. Trying to move forward as was proposed could lead to many issues including premature equipment damage and failure.

Bart designed and built a system that used the building’s utility water to cool the generator’s engine and keep the equipment from overheating. The system piped the water out of the utility water pipe, then into a heat exchanger, then through a series of copper pipes around the engine, and then back into the utility water pipe. This solution successfully and effectively kept the engine at an acceptable temperature without the need of an air-ducting system.

This solutions allowed the site to move forward with the generator that would work best for them while maintaining the backup and reliability that they needed.

EMC continues to do preventative maintenance on the generator. There have been no issues with the generator engine cooling system.

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