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Success Stories: Aviation Industry

Surge Suppression Equipment Saves Lives

No industry knows the importance of quality control like the aircraft industry. One small quality issue can be critical causing plane wrecks and even deaths. With so much at stake for a proper product, there is little room for error. This industry understands the importance of proper power quality and adequate surge protection against internal transients.

One particular prominent investment castings, machining, and assembly company had their product’s quality tried. One of their products is a steel pin used in manufacturing aircraft. These steel pins are run through a machine that tests them to meet very specific strength requirements. The data from the machine is analyzed by specialists to determine each pin’s quality.

The company’s steel division maintenance supervisor contacted Energy Management Corporation’s power quality expert, Paul Rader, with a power quality issue. Paul had previously worked with Steve on some power factor correction and understood the company’s needs.

It seemed that the company had recently relocated a gas, electric welder near the pin-testing equipment, which caused the data output to be garbled and unreadable. Paul Rader made a site visit and after doing some testing and asking questions, he determined that the welder was creating transients (RFI/EFI emissions) that were affecting the pin-testing equipment.

Paul suggested, modified, and installed an Innovative Technologies HS120-A transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). He then ran the welder for about 45 minutes, while a technician tested some pins. The test results were positive and the TVSS solved their problem. The TVSS had successfully filtered out the transients created by the welder.

With a 20 year warranty on the surge suppressor equipment and the support from Energy Management Corporation, The company can focus on the quality of their products. Energy Management Corporation focuses on creating solutions to problems for our customers, allowing them to focus on what is most important to them.


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