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Success Stories: Food Manufacturing

Prime Example of T.E.A.M.™

‘Total Electric Asset Management’ has many commercial, industrial, process, manufacturing, and residential applications. They are found anywhere mechanical or electrical process takes place. It is very unusual for any one company to possess everything needed to work on all types of processes. Energy Management Corporation, however, is a very unique company. Energy Management Corporation has many qualities and attributes that qualify it as the premier Electric Asset Management company in the Intermountain Area.

During a discussion with one of Salt Lake City’s largest candy manufacturers, Sales Manager Reid Oliver and Senior Account Manager Dave Petersen discovered an unusual application. It seemed that the candy manufacturer had a requirement to vary the speed of an older belt drive mixer. That mixer did possess the ability to vary speed, but doing so required totally disassembling parts and changing them with different parts to achieve desired speed.

The experts at Energy Management Corporation determined it was possible to engineer a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system to change speeds at a touch with immediate adjustments. The VFD system is able to vary the frequency of the output electrical wave to the mixer motor and change speed without any mechanical adjustments or work. This meant less downtime and quicker changes as the process changed.

Energy Management Corporation made the changes to the mixer system to achieve the desired results. The mixer was delivered and the redesign was completed successfully. The manufacturer can now mix and change their batch without major downtime and labor issues.

As a result, a second unit was ordered and other belt drive machines were converted. This application was successfully taken from inception and design to an actual realization through follow-up, engineering proficiency, and manufacturing the finished product.

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