Webinar: Generator NEC Updates

This webinar will be an NEC update specific to generators and we will cover the following topics: Top 17 generator NEC rules Emergency, legally required,...

Webinar: The Evolution of Medium Voltage VFD

In this webinar, our VP of Engineering, Craig Hartman, talks about the evolution of medium voltage VFDs over time, including changes in technology and...

Webinar: Transfer Switch

During this week's webinar, we will cover the following transfer switch topics: Introduction to transfer switches Time delay vs. in phase Closed vs. open Service entrance rating Separately derived...

Webinar: Generator Sizing


Webinar: Medium Voltage VFD Buying Guide

This webinar will cover several topics on medium voltage VFDs, including: History and the advancement of the technology Differences in topology and performance Power factor and harmonics Motor...

Webinar: Generator Paralleling

This webinar will cover: Recommendations for generator paralleling Isochronous vs. Droop paralleling Integrated paralleling vs. external paralleling Paralleling redundancy Reduction of maintenance costs by paralleling (total cost of ownership) Paralleling...

Webinar: VFD Harmonics

This webinar will cover: Fundamentals of harmonics What causes harmonics Introduction to IEEE519 harmonic standards Exhaustive treatment of all VFD harmonic mitigation methods Active harmonic mitigation Recommendations for harmonic compliance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8BqbVNXpUE

Webinar: VFD Startup and Maintenance

This webinar will cover how to work on your VFD, including a demonstration of the following: General startup procedures Standard preventative maintenance practices Testing you should perform How...

Webinar: VFD Theory

This webinar will cover: VFD topology PWM waveforms and the effect of carrier frequency VFD NEC requirements VFD enclosures Motor torque characteristics on VFDs dV/dt protection How VFDs cause motor bearing...

Webinar: Motor Theory

During this week's webinar, we will cover the following motor theory topics: What makes a motor “mot” Understanding Magnetic Flux V/Hz and Motor Torque Permanent Magnet Motors Locked Rotor...